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Post by richardc9052 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:57 am

Astra "F" Estate
1.7 turbo diesel isuzu engine.

I plan on spraying it matte black so dont mind the mixed panel colours lol..

GSI front bumper
Reiger Grill
Back box removed, stainless pipe in its place.
Most of the intake piping has been removed as its a mile long and criss crosses over the engine with 2 panel filters as standard.
Fuel pump modded and boost compensator restriction removed.
Turbo-Actuator piping blocked so no set boost.
Boost guage

Currently the boost guage i have only reads to 2.0 bar so im not sure what the car is actually boosting at after 2nd gear..

Im looking for a very cheap front mount.

Have a water/meth kit made up just 1 or 2 bits needed before i fit it Smile

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