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Moonbox'x Glanza V! Empty Moonbox'x Glanza V!

Post by Moonbox on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:44 am

Well picked this up on 2nd November, didn't really plan on doing anything to it... That didn't go so well!

How it looked when I brought home, needed some tidying and a new windscreen...
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 06B7B142-2CBE-4F8D-9F0B-62E47AC159C8-553-000000208B2B738D

Did few bits, amber indicators, secured intercooler (although still crooked)
Alarm & Immobilizer with secret button start, tried to sort out botched radio connections but didnt get finished!
Gong to wrap the fogs yellow but cant find my roll of film anywhere!
Also ordered sticker bomb sheets for radio/air con surround...

Feckin cat loves my cars!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! BAABE8D0-9BB8-4B5A-9540-70FA6ED69AE6-746-000000473F1DF59F

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 50C061D2-E5A6-4C86-A655-2684AE4A5D0E-746-0000004746D0CDC6

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 64552BBE-766C-48D6-9A2C-EE811B54CDA5-746-000000474C74092C

Tinted Fogs
Moonbox'x Glanza V! CCDE027C-3CE2-4E7B-9E4B-495D8AB21562-1429-000000B3E8CB375C

Moonbox'x Glanza V! D93264C4-07F2-4960-8FB9-DB26C92E2723-1429-000000B3F0DDD414

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 29348813-E694-42D7-8DBA-4795F6183DB0-2532-000001A91F91B4E8

Wired in new standard radio harness all soldered and tidied up (was a disaster in there!)
Radio Mounts
Flare & Holder
Boot Liner
Relocated Air Filter
TRD Anti Roll Bar
Blitz Decat
Rear Optional Strut

About to tackle wiring
Moonbox'x Glanza V! FA85A423-9BC8-40A0-ADEB-C54A321F8E6F-4341-00000258136CD3C2

Quick pic of Optional Strut Brace (With All Plastics) Fitted
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 791DECE4-60D2-41AB-BB20-07FBFC5F249F-5511-00000349016D57EF

Got bored and just did this (Hated The White!)
Moonbox'x Glanza V! B064A843-6FB0-4E59-9600-F4E74E819B8B-1153-000000FA7F16270A

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 7C757581-130B-43DC-AD99-BFE17C23C2CA-1153-000000FA85874068

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 35C27102-0273-439F-9649-A633601A1C7B-1153-000000FDC5DD5103

Moonbox'x Glanza V! A900F188-F20F-472B-A766-FC279747ACEC-968-00000075D74B2E6F

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 8F728913-54C8-4AA8-B777-0F6B428BC1DE-968-00000075DC5D5738

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 7ACF1115-8FC4-4A83-8D6F-5118C7DAA942-968-00000075E53DE267

Spent about 5 hours installing rear speakers (The Right Way)
Wires run straight from the connector behind radio,
Used a plug at the edge of shelf so can easily be removed when needs be.

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 5E240621-3357-4539-9B20-BD91FC66FFBA-2407-0000010AC8E77A90

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 095CB7D4-2BE7-4F27-9086-FFB1D9671BFE-2407-0000010AD04F6F97

Moonbox'x Glanza V! FA7D2C52-75A2-4423-AD23-BBA3F28B9F44-2407-0000010ADFF2F576

Moonbox'x Glanza V! C6E0A658-D632-4823-8A11-B8DE74826086-2407-0000010F3C6D3015

Sorry about last pic, ive had iPhone 5 for about three days and already giving me trouble! The stupid flash is out of sync with the camera...

Picked up a genuine set of Watanabe RS Eights...
And perfect deal as they have brand new tyres on them!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! F3347691-49A3-4B2C-ADF0-EB29FAF73F5A-4262-000001DC36F84C9C

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 79AD93CB-ADFA-4314-A85F-212302BB6E6F-4262-000001DC3E238CBE

Dying to get them on the car but wanna do them perfect so bought new bolts all round!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! A5B32415-E333-4043-984D-D4568B6FCA32-6696-000002E91CB5EC50

Moonbox'x Glanza V! C4A16B77-394C-4545-AEA1-0FB68E1A0238-767-00000048110F74E7

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 0E1F7F17-0C79-4F02-9611-9395440928FB-767-0000004818309C9E

Bought a Kakimoto cat back (Will Fit After NCT)
Pressed plates from A-Z Tuning
Neo Chrome Gear Knob
Moonbox'x Glanza V! ED481C96-AA2F-47B3-8014-AF826DFB96E5-1890-000000AB867A64E4

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 040FCF8F-80DA-4F45-80E6-200A6A70B183-1890-000000AC637AA2E6

Just back from scrapyard again with few goodies
Moonbox'x Glanza V! Image17

And missing crash bar, bonnet catch and cable
Moonbox'x Glanza V! Image18

Tasty new wheel
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 03A25321-465D-44DF-9B56-F56E0A2BFBAF-2878-000001E6E38C0042

Mounted IC properly...
Before (hanging off) and no crash bar
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 50C061D2-E5A6-4C86-A655-2684AE4A5D0E-746-0000004746D0CDC6

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 28BEDE29-8355-4534-9C9B-84F55E72BE1B-2878-000001E6E78C6FA3

Just gave a nice wash & wax, sorry not good photos but she cleaned up well!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 85D6E2A3-E68A-4687-8195-A80FFCE5898F-326-0000001EEA53D219

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 85C11243-2DAD-4E9E-AB53-B71541D68FAE-326-0000001EE2445C71

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 1EDEDF2B-EC5A-4BBF-977D-A18EE985EF0E-326-0000001EF575D140

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 2D65582D-FD02-4254-9406-352231CA53C0-326-0000001EF9B3119D

Got a set of wind deflectors, another steering wheel and Blue Recaro from Dec106...
Moonbox'x Glanza V! BE3C6A91-93D8-4FCD-8029-5A3FFD681766-404-0000001DC6B1F851

HKS Boost Controller
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 0236F136-A769-4C26-A1A0-75B25BAB10D5-1315-00000076553645DA
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 9392AB3A-CCD7-44AA-BDC2-0E5480757822-1315-000000765C72E94F

HKS Fuel Cut Defender
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 10D9FD62-F6E6-4918-BE91-8E1B05AAF9AD-1315-000000766287D1E6

Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 8AD933D7-117A-4732-AE0E-145DFFFA2A8B-1315-000000766AB0B50A

Greddy Control Units
Moonbox'x Glanza V! BCD7E567-E3B1-4C76-8671-FA9878B73AAB-1315-00000076703D7622

For My Gauges!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! AB382337-6436-46D5-93CD-D1630FC5C984-1315-000000767DDFA08C

This is gonna be fun...
Moonbox'x Glanza V! C290344C-F84D-44F2-B07F-D33C9C6168DD-1315-000000767756CF6D

That Purp:
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 78ECAC62-D1C9-446B-B72F-E5DF3CEAABB3-899-00000092BCECB3FF

Moonbox'x Glanza V! A8DF353E-3827-46DC-9A25-82D746E59964-899-00000092C9C9719B

Painted Rear Strut & removed plastics for a different look! Might go against what people do but I like it.
Moonbox'x Glanza V! B8A35701-F25A-4B8A-9467-C583A8F61272-230-0000000779AEA08C

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 122FE1C8-405A-4252-AB46-80F79C53CF6F-230-0000000782019845

Moonbox'x Glanza V! B1EB9723-BF97-49C6-A1B5-EFD88CAA5924-230-00000025822FCC78

Recaro in!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 740B170A-8123-49BE-A7FB-CBF547A15525-230-0000001851F25767

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 573A5729-CAAB-4C88-8A94-12A470256730-230-000000185741EF1A

Just did a quick mock up of the gauges.
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 19345D7C-0783-4D33-B63A-E9309DD2A38F-1250-000000C7CEFED167

The HKS stuff will be going in place of my ash tray, cigarette lighter and cup holders. I will relocate cigarette lighter down a bit as need it for sat nav!

This is a quick mock up I did, will do it properly tomorrow and then when my SLD arrives and I pick up AFR & HKS actuator during the week im sorted!

Boost Controller will be mounted in slot below it, will be cutting that out tommorrow.
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 0BD711A4-4147-4EED-9714-B651C7F5E63A-1250-000000F320517DD1

The electronic valve for B/C was looking a bit tired so gave it a spruce up earlier aswel...
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 38C3928C-1353-4E70-8AA8-6D035D72BFD9-1250-000000C7AFAD764E

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 2228D232-EC2B-4E26-A15E-F39E195C5225-1250-000000C7CB27F750

Carbon Keys
Moonbox'x Glanza V! F5970DED-6616-43A1-A1DA-79D17B880DB2-3050-0000018299AC7405

Brand New HKS SLD
Moonbox'x Glanza V! FB0481C3-4945-479E-A3FC-EB578AC70FCF-3050-00000182D1252C23

Also fitted new siren to alarm and a few other little safety features

Picked this adapter up for my gauges for 10 quid!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 8C0749AA-B015-4018-87F3-0497C3ED6F8A-1607-000001008395E038

Defi Style Carbon Gauge Pod From Evo For Dash.
Moonbox'x Glanza V! B21a547ec5b9ec8e0d2f86c5f5ea2afb

New Clocks:
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 0F710CAA-C1C0-48B7-9BD5-8C9F5E958DE1-3752-0000028198EFA460

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 5B634990-0C08-4041-AB30-49B1BD2B977E-3752-000002819F97CDF2

Moonbox'x Glanza V! E3C7B0F0-9034-4841-93D0-E22044A0A6B3-3752-00000281A5F95F70

End Result:
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 03EBA65A-CB22-4B41-B12B-90A7D7769FD2-3752-00000281ACC8255C

New Breather
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 575C42C6-D57F-4C98-9EB8-B70E22CBD1D4-4559-000003261C4222F7

HKS Adjustable Actuator
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 18D89C01-9C5F-4ED3-B288-23734089CA2F-4559-00000326274763F7

Cut out hole to mount B/C, looks very tidy I think!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 1F8BAA50-26E6-4AB4-9F8D-3ACBB9739305-5088-0000037C59E54D70
Moonbox'x Glanza V! AB8B6F7F-457C-4671-B20B-D6CE9DBC8C27-5088-0000037C6AAD93AD

Also printed out some material I will need as plan on installing all the gauges, b/c, fpr, sld, etc. at the same time so I can set it all up properly!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 1B8A9C8B-FE32-42AD-8579-0F199A4E6322-5088-0000037C7552E301

Black tax disc holder,nhigh temp paint & lacquer...Moonbox'x Glanza V! D3CFC8C0-4601-4DD6-95EE-73D32449E866-1621-000001CDE1BA355C

Moonbox'x Glanza V! 912649A2-3166-42CA-AE57-637E50216DD0-1651-000001CF9FF7AE8D

Finally Complete!
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 6FC51CC7-F8AE-4F41-96FB-4341F170979E-1651-000001CFB32409F5

Blitz Decat Was All Rusty So Sprayed With High Temp Paint:
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 2E4A96D7-B499-425F-A567-CBB3699201F0-279-00000024F5CA0C62

Re-Located Cigarette Lighter: Moonbox'x Glanza V! 6502CAD9-B687-4527-B6D9-ADD78F3D390E-279-00000024FC0A18CF

Also painted exhaust but ran out of paint, should have that done by weekend.
Fixed horn and Hazzard lights aswel for NCT.

I love it. I'm sure some wont be a fan...
Have more to come
Moonbox'x Glanza V! F676AEBB-A73D-49F8-B61B-5124CB7EC2B7-557-0000006EE4C2A2DA
Moonbox'x Glanza V! 72158593-AADA-4C90-8B2F-FA6CEFA08828-557-0000006EEA84BD2A

Picking Up A Front Lip Tomorrow From Browner & Going Looking For A Few Other Bits Smile

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Moonbox'x Glanza V! Empty Re: Moonbox'x Glanza V!

Post by davep91 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:33 pm

Very tidy look v man
Good to people putting the effort into there cars
id-workz customer

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Moonbox'x Glanza V! Empty Re: Moonbox'x Glanza V!

Post by Pudgeymac on Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:16 pm

very nice bud Very Happy

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Moonbox'x Glanza V! Empty Re: Moonbox'x Glanza V!

Post by GTnick on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:50 pm

coming along nicely lad see you went with my logo design in gold looks awesome

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Moonbox'x Glanza V! Empty Re: Moonbox'x Glanza V!

Post by brian98cw on Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:10 am

thats a great looking v lad great build

really like were you put the boost controler

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