glanza build 1999

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glanza build 1999

Post by millstreet kid on Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:34 pm

i bought this car just over a year ago. was parked up ages when i found was filty Evil or Very Mad
so i dropped it straight to the garage and it got a ful service and went to the painters for a bit of paint

i picked these up for it den

gave the head lights a gud compounding

the day i got it back from the painters

she went for a valet then

this was taken on way to the big toc meet 2012

i tracked down a buddie who bought bits off me before who had bought my arm rest and he sold it.....but he knew ur man
so i rang him and picked it up that nite for 15e
is the only thing ive left out of my 1st car

the trd shock in the front wer fuked so i got new shocks and 60 mil springs
i fitted em asap den

i picked this up den off pudgey
thanks again man

i got these den off a gud buddie and der new off toyota

did a bit of tidyin up den inside it

and fitted the centre arm rest

i ordered these den off browner

and ffs wen i went up with trd king i picked these up

there a nice touch imo
i also picked up this extra

i picked this geenuine varis bumper off browner too

then i painted the spoilor and jam eye brows and fitted em

den i picked up this new fmic kit off ryan (pigeon)

delighted with em thanks again
i picked this up den

and fitted it

take no notice of the dirt ha haha
painted my varis eventully

more up dates coming soon
such cusco under body strut
cusco coilovers
and plenty more Smile
thanks for reading

millstreet kid

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Re: glanza build 1999

Post by davep91 on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:09 pm

Looks well man keep the updates coming
id-workz customer

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Re: glanza build 1999

Post by 5e colin on Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:28 am

wel ware man Very Happy
5e colin
5e colin

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Re: glanza build 1999

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