turbo projects over the last year

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turbo projects over the last year

Post by aheaaj on Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:34 pm

well lads as ye may have noticed im madddd for turbos have learnt alot of about them over the last year or 2 and how to make them run rite and stuff they havnt been planned to run on and the workings of them and how they react to pipe sizing and lenght and how runners wrk, a/r sizing oil feeds wit restrictings and flow rates, engine effects and just realy alot of more stuff about them that i could go on all day about and been through 7 turbos one one was turned into a lamp

started out wit the clio project which was realy trial and error as it was my first time fitting and using one and designing parts for it to wrk but it worked perfect till i upped the boost 1.5bar nd killed it haha

next was the quad and thats were i learned abit abut carb turboing and went suck through on tht and tht ran abut .2bar and was perfect but the diff went from not been able to handle it but the engine was still perfect Smile

then moved onto quad number 2 (drift slut)which was perfect aswel but kinda gave up on that as it snapped a drive and cas since i had the car i didnt wanna realy start putting money back into it

the megane was a hole different story doh as i learned alot more abut turbos alot more time and effort went into making bits and making it fit rite and run rite cas wit the clio it had no exhaust and the the left headlight or bonnet fit on haha but alot more effort has gone into it and im still learning sumthing new everyday Smile people give out abut it saying why wud ye bother and people called it a waste time and a pile of scrap (not on here) and its shit here when ye put nearly all your time into it and alot of hearth and soul but its sumthing different the way i see it Smile

hoping to have another turbo project sum time the end of this year or next year and cant wait for it cheers

anyone has and ideas let me know Smile
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