My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

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My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by robep91 on Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:38 am

just copying form another forum, but what ever new updates i do il will post here...

well lads ive always wanted a glanza so at the start of 09 i pick up my first v.
it was rough as fuck but i didnt care i wanted something i could make my own,after two days of owning
it i picked up a set of white rays te37s heres a pic after i fitted them

and heres a pic a few days before i caught two little mugs trying to rob it

they made shit of the drivers door and wrecked the wind deflector,

i heard tere was a very clean white 98 shell going cheap so i had to have it
heres a pick of it a few days before i got it,

its 98_glanza old shell got it without the boot lid and spoiler engine and bonnet

the last few months ive been picking up bits for it,bits ive fitted to it so far is
uncut 98 front bumper glanza badge and the lip from my silver v
glanza s bonnet jam eye brows
standard side skirts
boot lid genuine varis spoiler rear lip and removed the wiper
optional extra full fishnet interior optional extra trd carbon window switchs and optional extra arm rest
optional extra rear 3 point strut bar rear grooved discs optional extra trd coilovers

white rays te37s and blue rays wheel nuts heres a few bad pics of how it sits now

heres a few other bits ive picked up for it

jam ecu

wepr manifold

blitz decat

Fujitsubo Power Getter

rare optional extra trd front strut bar

opional extra trd front arb

trd oil cap

optional extra mid spoiler

bzg dimpled and grooved discs

255lph fuel pump kit

carbing cooling panel

apexi air filter

cusco oil catch can

powder coated rocker cover

optional extra barrel light

hks earthing kit

hdi hot pipe

cusco panhard rod


optional extra trd lsd fitted gearbox
autoban fmic
optional extra trd shortshifter with trd leather gearknob
cusco lightned flywheel and exedy paddle clutch
blue magnecore leads
ngk grade 7 plugs
civic rad
optional extra trd carbon dials and trd clock surrounds
optional extra trd engine mounts and power flex ones(think ill go with the trd ones)
indiglo dials
optional extra toyota mats
black edtion rsm
blitz boost gauge
blitz turbo timer
hks dumpvalve
yellow fog blubs
whiteline rear arb
hks actuator
polished inlet manifold
dempo oil temp oil pressure and water temp gauges
timing belt kit and water pump
Silkolene BOA 90LS lsd oil
silkolene pro s engine oil


lightweight pulleys

Silk road engine damper

hel braided clutch line

Clear cam belt cover

waiting on timing kit and water pump,clear cam cover.also ordered a zisco c pillar bar
and ill be getting twin pot calipers on saturday,ill be getting the dimpled and grooved discs machined next week.
im getting longer studs and spacers to get the levin discs and calipers to fit.


brand new rear lights

zisco c pillar bar

very rare 10mm jam wheel spacers


few more bits i picked up for it

whiteline rear anti roll bar

hks actuator

98 spec steering wheel

An optional extra amp



few more bits i picked up for it

polished inlet manifold

depo gauges.oil pressure.oil temp and water temp


few bits i picked up for it

flare and holder

td trottle body

Very rare zep racing floor bar

it's missing a small piece but a trader on a different car site has the bit i need so im getting that soon
pic of it fitted

j.d tuning civic rad bracket

98 clocks with trd carbon surround and indiglo dials

trd carbon radio and dials surround

blitz carbon back black light boost gauge

hks ssqv dump valve and samco pipe


got the tongs hybrid

very rare real greddy bov

optional extra foot well lights thanks to pudgeymac nice one bud

picked up a few bits from toyota today,

coolant,brake fluid inlet gasket,starlet sticker for the boot studs for the cat and aload of clips for around the car

then all this cam the other day

Silkolene BOA 90LS lsd oil,timing kit water pump oil filter and ngk Iridium grade 7 plugs,yellow blubs for the fogs


got the engine out of the silver one
fitted a trd short shifter and trd gear knob,fitted the back bumper and splitter browner got it sprayed from me off his painter well happy with it,

fitted a new water pump and test fitted the light weight pulleys and clear cam cover

heres a pic of how the silver v sits now

pics of the civic rad cusco light weight flywheel and exedy paddle clutch

and a few pics of the glanza it really needs a wash and a buff

engine and box is in fitted on trd engine mounts

i got the car on the road so i took a few pics

i got the mid spoiler fitted heres a few pics


then i fitted the c pillar bar

the carpet was annoying me so i got clips from toyota and it now looks like this

pics of the rear carrozzeria speakers

and with the lights on


picked up a few more optional extras for it

coin holder

optional extra ignition glow barrel as some dope broke my other one

footwell glow lights

handbrake cover

rear sun blind

gold boot badge

and pics of the badge fitted

fitted the trd front arb

pic of the power getter exhaust have to say its the sweetest sounding exhaust for a glanza
along with the greddy type s bov

fitted optional extra trd carbon radio surround



got an fitted optinal extra starlet the door sills

and a very rare optinal extra rubber boot mat

the starlet sticker on the boot was faded and was letting the back of the car down so
i replaced it with a genuine starlet sticker


bought a rare optional extra rescueman

heres a pic or two

fitted the rescueman as soon as i got it

then i fitted the black rsm and apexi stand

then i gave the car a good wash


i fitted a blitz turbo timer and an optional extra trd short shifter

also changed the radio because the jvc one lights up blue and goes well with the rest of the blue lights
old radio

and the new jvc radio

finally stripped the silver v down to a bare shell and got it taken away


another update

i finally got around to useing the hel braided clutch line and the hks earthing kit that has been sitting in my room months

update 10/8/12
i bought hel braided brake lines to match the clutch line

and fitted them

levin twin pot calipers

front carrozzeria speakers to match the rears


Go a very rare optional extra trd srs airbag steering wheel

had to get it fitted straight away


and after

Original HRF side skirts

there a very rare set of side skirts.i test fitted one earlier and i'm not sure if i like them or not
heres a bad pic i took with my phone

standard skirts

hrf side skirts

a blue oil sandwich plate and a water temp adapter

i needed these so i could get the gauges fitted hopefully ill have them in soon

my heating has been shit the controls don't seem to be working so i picked up another unit, hopefully this will solve the problem

i fitted the jam ecu

and the front carrozzeria speakers


look what turned up this morning

genuine cruise bonnet

went out side and had to put it on

heres a before pic

glanza s bonnet off

and the cruise bonnet on Very Happy

look what else i got for it

a very rare optinal extra roof mount air purifier

had to put this in aswell Very Happy

pic with the light on

pic with the purifier turned on

im delight with it i might have a parcel shelf one for the car soon enough so the air will be nice and clean Very Happy

and wile i was such a mood to have stuff fitted to my car after a year of haven the rear arb i finaly had it fitted by a good friend of mine.. thanks buddy

the rain stopped for a few mins so i jacked the car up to take a quick pic of the rear arb that my friend fitted for me

so all i had to do was fit my newly accuired optional extra none smoking ash tray

here it is beside the normal ash tray

and fitted to the car


got another rare optional extra part it's brand new multi box Very Happy

and fitted it right away

i had to lose the single din blanket plate Sad

i also bought a blue engine hose it for it


i got a one of the rarest optional extras in the post this morning

i have been after one for ages heres a few pics

its a trd fuel cap the only other starlet i know with one is socks glanza from the uk

i went out and fitted it straight away

before pic

and after

update 25-3-2013

after waiting on these for over a month
they finally arrived today but it was worth the wait

there two optional extras one of them is as rare as it gets when it comes to extras

the first one is a reg surround

its the dearest of the 3 types made for these cars

next up is an a pillar torch for a ep91 with mounting brackets
its is a very very rare extra

update 21/5/2013
i picked up a set of wheels a few months ago

there rays gram lights going to be using them on the car for the winter months
they will be getting a refurb but im not sure what colour to go for its either black or these two colours

now to a very rare optional extra

its a trd sump guard

the car is due a oil change so i picked these up for it

im waiting on a very cool oem part nearly two months now i think them stupid royal mail fuckers have lost it Evil or Very Mad

i have another two rare optional extras lined up for it ill be updating it soon enough

update 26-5-2013

its only a small update but i was doing a bit of research on the optional extra trd guard i have and i found out its not a sump guard,its actually a fuel tank guard.
this is a copy of the trd section in the optional extra catalogue

its in the dirt trial section and its in the big pic.ive never seen another one for sell before so
im well happy with that

the weather was great today so i went out and got it on the car
before pics

and after

thanks it for now.ill have a small update next week with a oem part i have been after for awhile

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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by Pudgeymac on Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:10 am

good man rob Very Happy

love this car its getting better and better Twisted Evil

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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by Sheehy StarletGT on Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:08 pm

Great work Rob Smile
Sheehy StarletGT
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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by rkane on Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:40 pm

This is very cool!


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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by davep91 on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:06 am

Some amount of savage parts bud

I got the engine turbo kit ecu and wheels out of this wheel it was 98_glanzas
id-workz customer

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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by robep91 on Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:48 am

davep91 wrote:Some amount of savage parts bud

I got the engine turbo kit ecu and wheels out of this wheel it was 98_glanzas

theres a few rare parts alright i love optional extras i left one or two out ill update the first post soon
and ill have another two or 3 extra soon

i wanted them wheels off it.i bought the recaro interior off that car first then the shell then optional extra trd coilovers
and a few other bits and pieces


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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by 5e colin on Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:11 am

ur car came out nice lad fair play
5e colin
5e colin

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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

Post by robep91 on Mon May 27, 2013 2:03 am

i updated the first post with a few recent updates and
a few parts i missed out on when i first posted this tread


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Re: My 98 Glanza V optional extra build

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