plug and play ecu for ep91

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plug and play ecu for ep91 Empty plug and play ecu for ep91

Post by pig666eon on Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:51 am

Item For Sale: shop special plug and play ecu

Item Condition & Description: used but in pwo, not a name brand aftermarket ecu like jam or blitz and prob never know being over here so they are called shop specials. was built in 2003 as per the sticker and uses the exact same logic board as the jam plug and plays. there was no seals on her just in case you were wondering there is no rom flash security on her. this came off a running car but specs are not known to me but as with any plug and play it needs to get a rolling road session done. since its using the same board as the jam ones ( tomtech ) i can only imagine it would be tuned for a hybrid just like 95% of the other plug and play units as it is in no way sophisticated, these shop specials are fairly rare and tend to have a little more aggressive map than the main ones as they were always running rich to keep it safe

Price: 480 euro delivered

plug and play ecu for ep91 Aztech_japan-img600x450-1364670780s1es7y20492
plug and play ecu for ep91 Aztech_japan-img600x450-13646707815f3z8w20492

Payment & Shipping Details:

paypal plus 4% fees, del is included in the price.

pm me or post in here to contact
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plug and play ecu for ep91 Empty Re: plug and play ecu for ep91

Post by Pudgeymac on Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:32 am


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