ep91/82 fuel feed line group buy

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ep91/82 fuel feed line group buy

Post by pig666eon on Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:18 pm

we are designing up a complete fuel delivery kit for the 4e/5e, this is the first stage

kit replaces the fuel delivery hose with banjo bolts with this high flow bend kit, everything you need to bolt straight onto the fuel filter and then bolt straight onto the oem fuel rail comes complete with new washers

benifits of the kit is mainly cosmetic but a good choice to replace a old 15 year+ rubber hose thats been there since the car was built, the straight through fitting put a little less on the fuel pump over the banjo bolt fittings

here is a pic of the kit

the kit can be supplied with a ss braided hose or black nylon braided hose, all hoses are made for fuel and have high tolerances

would need 5 people to get the gb going price will be 49 euro delivered, if we can get 10 names we can drop that price down to 45 euro delivered, remember also they are sent by reg post which is dearer

any interest let me know
Big Bird

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Re: ep91/82 fuel feed line group buy

Post by 5e colin on Fri May 03, 2013 1:29 am

here lads this is what there like in reall life great bit of kit and even fitted whit my acis intake

here a quik fitting guide for the boys who dont know ( go buy some plummers tape )

use spanner 17 and 19 to open the hose on the filter 19 bottom 17 top spanner
make sure to open petrol cap or feul pressure spray will go evrywhere

again using ring spanner 17 open the bolt on the fuel rail

now the fun begins ( 5e colins tip of the day ) get electrical tape and tape up the new bleu bolts and the fittings on the hose so not to scratch the pritty hose

be nice and gentle and use a good spanner not to break it ,u do this at both ends

i almost forgotten to tell u lads u have to pull back the oem hose guide braket ontop of the filter that holds it in place dont worry it just flattens easy as

and after all ur hard work this is the result
and thanks for the help of colin jr for holding the feul pipe ha ha

before closing the bonnet and driving of start ur engine and check for feul leaks

5e colin

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Re: ep91/82 fuel feed line group buy

Post by Kenny cynos on Thu May 23, 2013 10:45 pm

Kenny cynos
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Re: ep91/82 fuel feed line group buy

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